Boombalatti’s Pizza vs Cauliflower Crusts

For dieters, diabetics and those with celiac disease, traditional pizza is obviously a “no go.” It’s LOADED with carbs and/or gluten, and, on average, packs a punch with 33g of carbs per 1/3 pizza.

Label Logic

As shown in the labels to the right, Boombalatti’s beats the leading cauliflower pizza crust hands down, AND we don’t use any cauliflower in our crust. Topped with our delicious sauce and Wisconsin cheese, your tastebuds will be dancing a guilt-free jig!

Our pizza is the perfect choice for people who need a tasty solution for their ketogenic diet/low-carb diet, as well as those looking to maintain a diabetic and gluten free lifestyle. You can eat it without throwing off your system, whether it’s to lose or maintain weight, maintaining your diabetic diet or have other carb restricting conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome. Plus, everything we use is gluten-free.

Picky Restaurants Choose Boombalatti’s!

If you’re a local restaurant, feel free to contact us to discuss switching from other gluten free crusts you’re currently using to Boombalatti’s. Not only will you satisfy your existing clientele, we’re confident you’ll bring in even more customers!

Bomballatti's Pizza vs Leading Cauliflower Crust