Why Keto? WHY NOT!

Sure, Keto has a bad rap from time to time but I’ll tell you, first hand, that lab work doesn’t lie and while I stick to a Keto adapted diet, my numbers are all in a healthy range.  The problem with Keto/Low Carb High Fat lifestyles is that they’re often misunderstood.

Start with Research

Do your research and find which lifestyle changes will work for you. There are a ton of FREE resources out there to assist in your weight loss journey so don’t feel like you need to fall into a committed money trap. You don’t!  Just eat yourself healthy again.

Use FOOD as your medicine, after all, you’ve been using it as your poison, no? Food is our friend. When you abuse it, it quickly becomes your enemy.

If you’re just beginning, stick with a strict diet of a MAX of 20 grams of healthy, permissible carbohydrates. Not counting out your 20 carbs in the form of chips (Yes, this is a true story). Veggies people! I find the Atkins 20 introduction page helpful as a guideline.

Slap It On Your Fridge

Track what you eat as well.  I LOVE the OKL Chart as a starting point. It’s a very simple tool!  Find yourself and eat, at most, the lowest amount of calories recommended for you for weight loss. Once you start maintaining, you can adjust that number.

OKL Chart

Download OKL Chart

I tracked all throughout my own weight loss journey too.  Again, don’t pay for a carb tracker. I just used My Fitness Pal and subtracted the fiber myself to get my net total for the day.

Final Words …

These are my own personal opinions based on what worked for me, my husband Matt and others we have mentored. Perhaps you’ll need to tweak a little. Just do me a favor, if you’re hungry, EAT! Keep it permissible, of course, but eat. Remember, as you become fat adapted, your stomach will shrink.  In the beginning just worry about sticking to the food list. And do NOT get frustrated when the scale doesn’t move. If this sounds like you, DON’T weigh in! Only measure!

Best of luck and we’ll see ya next time!


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Self proclaimed LCHF Guru